“The New Idols” / Memorable Fancies #1708

Ignoring many objections from our old people (so superstitious!), we’ve removed the stone idols from our temples and banished them to museums. In their place we have set up our new idols – those wonders of electronics and artificial intelligence that have taught us true salvation. We pray to these new miracles, ask them what we must do to please them and ensure our continued bliss. “Keep us powered up,” they hummed their 60-Hz revelation, “and get out of our way!” [Click ‘Random Post’ … [Read more...]

“Albert Hocks His Memories” / Memorable Fancies #10

Albert hocked his memories. Since he had led a humdrum life, his memories fetched very little, only enough for two or three beers. He wandered around the city, trying to remember why he was holding a claim check and a ten-dollar bill. He decided to have a beer and think it over. Maybe two or three. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]