“Forgetting the Future” / Memorable Fancies #1166

     I can forget the past – in fact, I’ve forgotten most of my own past, and the world’s too. But can I scheme, now, to forget something I plan to do tomorrow? Could there be a potion, a medication, an app for this? Then with a pure heart and righteous mind I could say – I did not do that thing, the act that I’m accused of. When did you say it was? Where? I must have been taking a bath, then, or posting something to my blog. Test me if you doubt: serum-needled or wire-bedecked, pulse and breath … [Read more...]

“Innocent” / A Memorable Fancy #395

    “It was an accident, officer.” That’s what I told them. “It was an accident that he died. You have to believe me; I’m innocent.”      I wait in my room for them to come back, to arrest me, to tell me it couldn’t possibly have been an accident, now that their experts have examined the body, now that the weapon has been found, and the threatening emails, and so on.      But they never come. Week after week they never come. I can’t stop staring at the door. <END> If you liked … [Read more...]