“Alma and Her Names” * / Memorable Fancies #1047

Alma Johnson was called Alma Johnson because, although she was born Alma Gebhardt, she married Harold Johnson. This was a few years ago, when married women half disappeared and in upper-class circles entirely disappeared into “Mrs. Harold Johnson” and analogous names. But Harold Johnson died one day, and because he hadn’t been an entirely satisfactory husband to his wife Alma Johnson, after a year Alma took her half of her name back and became Alma Gebhardt again. Harold Johnson’s aged … [Read more...]

“The Occupation” / A Memorable Fancy #144

Melanie gradually became fearful that she, her Self, was being occupied, slowly taken over by a silent army of strange and worrisome thoughts, unintelligible obligations. Hesitantly mentioning this to her women friends, she found that several of them, too, had these fears; some had harbored them for many years. They felt as if they were being pushed out of their own minds, that a stranger was taking their place. They tried to put a name to these intruders. Coming home one evening, Melanie … [Read more...]