“The Cannibal Variations – XII” / Memorable Fancies #450

 [The future: there’s not much left to eat but people.]       “…to forestall the likelihood of empathetic feelings arising in the herd, those hubes who were born in free-range ranches were not given names. Nonetheless, it was observed that they often christened (if we may use the term here) each other with sobriquets that struck observers as ludicrous and over-elaborate, considering their destination as steaks, chops, and stew-meat. “Sparticus” and “Scipio” were among the favorites.” [– … [Read more...]

“The Cannibal Variations – IV: Domestic Tranquility” / A Memorable Fancy #421

[The future: there’s not much left to eat but people.]      There were arguments, in the early days, as to what stock-breeding should aim at. Some argued that health and vigor were paramount, to ensure the hardiness of the herd. Some said docility. Others, that transportability, i.e., the ability to move large numbers of hubes in boxcars without noticeable damage to their flesh and more days in transit before rotting, were most important in reducing transportation costs. But eventually there … [Read more...]