“The Singing-Chamber” / Memorable Fancies #1652

“[I shall sing the song of perished peoples.” – Thomas Bernhard] – but not the song of how they died – how we drove them into the singing-chambers – how their songs faded as they died – what their songs might have told us, if only... [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“The End of Tomorrow” / A Memorable Fancy #096

Today is Memories Day. It comes once a year and we know, from bitter memory, how this day will go. Marie comes down to breakfast, a face of despair. She sits wordless, doesn’t eat her eggs. Our children, Anne and Helene, stumble in from their bedrooms, swathed in tears. I try to comfort them. Since they are four and six years old (Anne the older), they will forget by the end of tomorrow. But Marie and I will not forget who we are. Since I’m the daddy I must be strong, not feel what the … [Read more...]