“Not Me!” / Memorable Fancies #671

[“The mirror is not the place to observe yourself.” – Henri Michaux] I looked in a mirror. Suddenly I realized that what I saw there wasn’t me. Not just “not me,” but not even the image of me. The mirror showed someone else, or someone who might have been me but never was, or someone I thought I’d outgrown, outlived. I returned the mirror to Wal-Mart. They gave me my illusions back. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“The Treasure Behind the Wall” / Memorable Fancies #1326

[“Feeling walls. Feeling layers of paint. Textures, coldness, hollow – may be a hidden chamber behind....” – Henri Michaux] The old diary hinted at treasure, and now I’m feeling the walls to find the hidden chamber, the soft spot where wallboard may have been cut away, hastily replaced, papered over. My touch identifies a likely place. Breathless and shaking, I hack my way into the wall, and then there it is, a small metal box secured with a lock. I smash the lock and pry the lid open. But … [Read more...]

“My Me’s” / Memorable Fancies #1200

[“He who hides his madman dies voiceless.” – Henri Michaux] There are two people hiding inside me: the madman and the computer. My analyst told me that the other day. “We’re looking for a third being inside you,” he said, “someone more human.” “No!” I shouted, in a craze of calculation. <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: Try Try Again – A novel of deadly political intrigue. … [Read more...]

“’The tribe, our only god…’” / A Memorable Fancy #353

[“…la tribu, notre seul dieu, nous tient tous embrassés.” – Henri Michaux]      The tribe is our only god. Whatever our tribe commands we do unquestioningly, even to the loss of our lives. The tribe, after all, is what ties us all together, while each of us is only one lone human being. How could one presume to seek his own counsel against the tribe’s embrace? We bow, we do.      But one asked, “Who speaks for the tribe? Is it not a tyrant? Does he not command in his own interest, not … [Read more...]

“Psychiatrists for the Dead” / A Memorable Fancy #140

This country needs a program to cover the cost of psychiatrists for the dead. Mentally traumatized by what may have been a violent death, or suffocating in a hospital bed when the call button is pushed and pushed and pushed and no one comes – there are significant traumas here. It is unfair that mental health needs are assumed to end at death. After all, the dead have to cope with a new world where there is no breathing, no light, no friends, no loved ones, nothing but a lost hope of … [Read more...]