“Hell’s Open House” / Memorable Fancies #1694

Hell has an open house. There are refreshments, “hot” hors d'oeuvres still wriggling on their skewers, crying for mercy. You say, how extraordinary: one of them looks just like me! And your host, smiling broadly, says, “Yes ... yes.” [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“Sympathy for the Devil” / Memorable Fancies #1662

[“No doubt we here may sympathize with the torturer, and so get pleasure.” – F.H. Bradley] Our pleasure is that someone else is being tortured, not us; but our unhappiness is that someone else is doing the torturing, not us.   … [Read more...]

“Watching” / Memorable Fancies #1236

[“in hell, / where there is nothing to do / but see–” – Louise Glück] In hell, to be the eternal spectator of others, yourself silent, motionless, unchanged. Like sitting in front of a TV forever – without a clicker. <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: At All Adventure, a Maltheist gospel. … [Read more...]

“Tourists in Hell” / Memorable Fancies #1216

[“In Hades, the shades of the dead repeat the same gesture ad infinitum.” – Sergio Agamben]      What this gesture means had been a mystery to tourists and casual visitors such as myself. Some of us thought it meant “repent before it’s too late!” or “we’ve abandoned all hope, y'know,” or just “tourists raus!”      But then we found ourselves repeating that same gesture, again and again – and unable to leave the place of our own Hell.      Now we know what the gesture … [Read more...]

“Polonius in Heaven” / Memorable Fancies #626

Claudius: Where is Polonius? Hamlet: In heaven; send hither to see: if your messenger find him not there, seek him i’ the other place yourself.                         – Hamlet IV, iii      How will I know you, then, in Heaven when you and I are there, shriven cold in spite of all.      But if I turn from face to face looking for one I know and then I know that you are in – that other place –      I turn away, ashamed to Hell of being here      alone <END> THE … [Read more...]

“Video Games in Hell” – What to Buy Your Kids for Christmas / Memorable Fancies #533

     More useless electronic stuff your kids will demand for Christmas hit the shops today, Black Friday. Following the latest craze, most new games are “hell”-themed. Hell-game play levels, of course, begin at Level -1, then -2, -3 and so on, down to the toughest, level -9. Some of the new titles include: “I’ll be damned” “Run like hell” “Hell on wheels” “Get the hell out of Dodge” “Get your Dodge [Charger] out of hell” “Who the hell’s in charge here?” “A bat out of … [Read more...]

“The Tour” / Memorable Fancies #488

     No, that particular group tour wasn’t to our taste, retracing Dante’s journey to hell and gone, I mean. I thought it just had too many lectures, too much narrative instead of letting us tour members participate in the action. And every few hours we were just on the move again, not spending enough time in each circle of hell to really get acquainted with the locals. And we didn’t find any native crafts to haggle over, either.      I didn’t take the optional side-trip, going into the … [Read more...]