“Heavenly Dreams” / Memorable Fancies #1670

[“To dream that you are resurrected from the dead” – from What Your Dreams Mean] Suddenly I’m here again. What happened? I look around. People in white robes are standing around me, staring down at me. One raises a scalpel... [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“Next Bus to Heaven” / Memorable Fancies #1649

[“the place where souls meet up before departing for paradise” – Pascal Quignard] There’s a bus station where people wait for the next bus to paradise, driver grabbing a tuna sandwich, because there are no tuna sandwiches in heaven. He gets on the bus, his face saying that he’d rather stay here on Earth, he’s won the lottery in heaven that allows him to spend one luxurious hour back on earth as a bus driver, one unheavenly hour of life in the flesh before he has to drive the newcomers to … [Read more...]

“Pulling Our Strings” / Memorable Fancies #1566

[“We represent on earth as we are in heaven” – W.S. Merwin] We are the self-marionettes, the self-puppets. No one else can pull our strings – we do this just as dreadfully, ourselves, as the heavenly puppet-master would. I dance to my own discordant strings. … [Read more...]

“Always Better on the Other Side” / Memorable Fancies #1454

[“A universe that includes you / can’t be all bad, but / does it? ....” – Margaret Atwood] That other universe – the one right over there – that one seems pretty good, doesn’t it? How to get there? Well, you’ll just have to stop being in this one... <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: Pictures of the Invisible, a fiction sampler. … [Read more...]

“Polonius in Heaven” / Memorable Fancies #626

Claudius: Where is Polonius? Hamlet: In heaven; send hither to see: if your messenger find him not there, seek him i’ the other place yourself.                         – Hamlet IV, iii      How will I know you, then, in Heaven when you and I are there, shriven cold in spite of all.      But if I turn from face to face looking for one I know and then I know that you are in – that other place –      I turn away, ashamed to Hell of being here      alone <END> THE … [Read more...]

“The First Christian Dies” / A Memorable Fancy #116

He is surely saved, old Mordechai, a peaceful man, loved God, gave bread sure that he would never die, but taken up alive one day as the Lord foretold. Perhaps he was too good to have to wait; perhaps he is in Heaven’s hold even now. But – other Christians are old and sick; they wonder why the Lord has not come for them. Let us say, of Mordechai, “He sleeps.”     … [Read more...]

“The Strange Place” / A Memorable Fancy #087

I always knew we’d be happy in Heaven — But if we hadn’t known that that this place is “Heaven,” would we have found that out ourselves? Or what would we have called this strange new place? … [Read more...]

“The Brotherhood” / A Memorable Fancy #044

Like many fringe groups, the Brotherhood taught that only 144,000 people could be saved. Given this limit, they observed various practices pleasing to God, in order to place their members in Heaven. The Brotherhood, however, taught that, given the billions of people who had lived and died since Adam, heaven had surely received its 144,000th worthy many centuries before: No Vacancy. Therefore, a Brother’s only hope of heaven was to persuade God to expel one of the previously saved. When … [Read more...]