“The Revelation to Mike” / Memorable Fancies #1668

Mike has had tinnitus as long as he can remember: a head-buzz like a carrier-wave, the sound a radio station makes after sign-off. But suddenly, the sound in Mike’s head stops. There is complete quiet, the first time Mike has ever felt it. He has a sensation like he’s suddenly been struck deaf. But then there are sounds again, this time coming from far above him. A kind of throat-clearing. Then there are words ... [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“Soft of Hearing” / Memorable Fancies #1465

[“…only the most indistinct sounds reach the listener.” - Walter Benjamin] As we do not always hear with understanding, in our minds we make up for what’s missing - or unclear - or unwelcome. Do we judge the words harshly? Then we are judging ourselves. But truly, all words, everything we hear and even see is – like this.     <END>   … [Read more...]