“The Consciousness Test” / Memorable Fancies #213

         “We practice sensitivity and inclusiveness here at XYZ Inc., so be sure you remember that. Treat everyone as if she or he has this mysterious something called ‘consciousness,’ at least as a polite fiction; our HR people insist on it, and the government is watching, too. " We do administer the Chinese Room test to each new recruit. If they pass, we tell them that they have this mysterious, precious something called ‘consciousness,’ that no one can explain. “But if they fail the … [Read more...]

“Together” / Memorable Fancies #588

“If something does touch many of us simultaneously, it touches only a large number of isolated beings. A mass feeling can scarcely develop out of such a general mood.” – György Lukács     Back then, he was just one of the speakers at our small community event, but his incantations made us feel - not just the same thing at the same time, – but he made us feel that we were a single soul, of one heart and mind, greater together than we could ever be as individuals alone. It was a beautiful … [Read more...]