“Grief” / Memorable Fancies #1617

[“What is the use of grieving / if nobody will listen?” – W.S. Merwin] Your grieving is most heartfelt when no one is listening – including yourself. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“The Soothers” / A Memorable Fancy #367

     After the disaster, emergency soothers are uncrated and rolled out, sent with their pocket platitudes to console the bereaved with words everyone knows are false, such as “It’s all right” (it isn’t all right), or “It’s all for the best” (it isn’t all for the best; much of it is for the worst), or “It’s God’s will” (perhaps, but that doesn’t make it right.)      The soothers continue to wear down the bereaved until they’ve Just Had Enough! and tell them I Feel Much Better Now, and I’ll Be … [Read more...]

“Two Words” / A Memorable Fancy #145

[“Have we really fathomed how grief and melancholy line the underside of our languages?” – Julia Kristeva]     Even our nouns tell of grief. This one, from a foreign tongue, means “death.” It’s the last thing the invaders left us, aside from raped wives and bastard children. And this other word, home-grown, means “despair.” We speak it often.       … [Read more...]