“The Revival” / Memorable Fancies #1524

We’ve revived the sacred old tradition, known to the Greeks, the Romans, and many other ancient peoples, of temple prostitutes. You can hear the parishioners at worship now, yelling “O GOD O GOD O GOD.” <END> Click on "Random Post" above - see something new. … [Read more...]

“Face of Stone” / Memorable Fancies #1513

[“At a more remote period, the Greeks worshipped uncarved stones.” – Pausanias] “These raw stones,” I told him, “pulled from the earth or found at the base of a cliff – these are images of the gods.” “But,” he said, “I always thought that the gods looked pretty much like us – don’t they? If they didn’t, how could we worship them?” I stared at him with a face of stone. … [Read more...]

“‘We sing what happened'” / A Memorable Fancy #314

     We sing what happened; music makes it real for us. Once there were great battles and only our ballads recall them. We sing to each other of brave warriors and ships covering the sea, shouting men, glints of spears, the men’s first glimpse of the walls, those high walls that reached to the sky and could never be thrown down, never scaled, never breached by intrigue.      Our warriors came home in despair, but we do not sing of things as real as this.     <END> … See … [Read more...]

“The Stone God” / A Memorable Fancy #111

Artabas the Simple passed by the house of Dexios on his way to the village. It was market-day and Artabas wanted to trade a bushel of grain for a piece of warm clothing. Dexios was busily working a few tools on a large black stone. “What are you doing, Dexios?” “I am carving the god,” he said. “Which god,” asked Artabas. “One of the minor ones, perhaps? Haphaestus? Cybele?” “No, Artabas,” said Dexios. “This is something different; it’s not a statue of a god, it itself is a … [Read more...]