“Unknown in China” / Memorable Fancies #1320

[“…unknown as I am even to the people next door, and how very unknown then in China.” – Franz Kafka] Walking on the Nanjing Road in the evening, east toward the river, I have a sudden comforting realization: no one in this evening’s throng will assume I know Chinese. No one will come up to me and offer trinkets, or ask if I need a taxi, or quote a favorable exchange rate for the yuan. No one will ask directions, or brag to the American outsider that there are twenty-three Starbucks in … [Read more...]

“The Old Man Speaks” / Memorable Fancies #1198

[“The old man? When I become one, there will still be time enough to speak of that.” – Max Stirner] Well, I became one; but now I have nothing to say. <END> [below: me, book-signing at the Great Falls Book Festival, May 2, 2015] … [Read more...]