“Cognitive Tourists” / Memorable Fancies #0129

It was such a wonderful trip, you know? We wanted to remember the place before it was spoiled by ordinary tourists yammering their civilized tongues. Yes, we had some language lessons, but we were still overwhelmed by the real thing. Imagine! names for five warmths of water, not just “warm”; the tense that means “maybe”; six grammatical genders even though they still have only the same old two sexes we have, ha ha. In spite of the pills we’d brought, we were infected by the third day. We … [Read more...]

“Thats, Enough” / Memorable Fancies #500

    Hans Jorgensen the novelist hated relative pronouns. He said that they added nothing to the meaning of a sentence, merely interrupted its flow, as in the first “that” in this very sentence. Whenever he thought he could get away with it, he avoided “that,” “which,” and so on in his manuscripts, even though copy editors often put them back in.     Jorgensen became obsessed, fanatic. “Words that don’t pull their weight,” he said, “should be deleted,” using “that” in its correct, … [Read more...]

“Gr … ammar” / A Memorable Fancy #319

At first, “he growled” followed “get out of my face,” or “You and who else?” in bad novels, as in “‘Get out of my face,’ he growled.” But teenagers took it up, you know like they always do, then Hollywood writers. It became a punch line, a trope. Losing some of its jungle allure, growling could be done with a smile, or a wink. A grammar of growls came about, more expressive than one might expect. Growling is pretty much our only way of speaking these days. Now will you just get out of my … [Read more...]

How to Punctuate Dialog in Fiction

How to Punctuate Dialog in Fiction by Terence Kuch You may also be interested in my recent post Point of View: Elements and Choices, a presentation in PowerPoint with detailed commentary in Word. The easiest way to find this is to Google "Point of View" "Elements and Choices" [do not include the colon] - the post should appear as the #1 hit. Or see www.terencekuch.net, my writer's profile, or go to www.amazon.com/author/terencekuch ===============================  [“…punctuation … [Read more...]