“Rated G for Government” / Memorable Fancies #1193

     The writer finds that his word-processing program refuses to record the plain words that describe things one human body does with another willing human body.      He finds a typewriter in a junk shop, perhaps the world’s last. He types the story the way he wanted it.      The next week, back at his computer, he writes an exposé of certain government actions. But his word-processing program changes “bribery” to “persuasion” and “slaughter” to “aggressive negotiation.”      And now … [Read more...]

“Full Disclosure” / Memorable Fancies #770

[“...allowing therapists to insert thoughts and memories into the mind of the patient.” – Marina Warner]      “Now Mr. Thompson, we’re going to insert some thoughts into your mind: memories, preferences, attitudes. When you awake, you’ll think they’re your own thoughts that you’ve had for years. We’ve tried other procedures, but in your case they’ve failed.      “You’ll be sedated, but only briefly, and after two or three hours you’ll be ready to go home. If you do not consent to this … [Read more...]