“Designing Woman” / Memorable Fancies #1695

[“...we may just keep trying to redesign ourselves” – Charles T. Rubin] I keep trying to redesign you, but your annoying original keeps coming back and trying to – redesign me. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“Toilets” / Memorable Fancies #1606

“Show me your birth certificate, sir or madam,” the toilet-cop said. I told him I just didn’t happen to have it with me that day, although I usually did that, I mean, carry my birth certificate around everywhere, I mean, just in case I needed to pee and I wasn’t near home and needed to know what gender the government thinks I am or was or could be depending on who was watching, but just today I forgot but just please please this once, now, officer, I really gotta.... [Click ‘Random Post’ … [Read more...]

“Alma’s Names” / Memorable Fancies #1565

[in the style of Lydia Davis, the novelist and short-story writer] Alma Johnson was called Alma Johnson because, although she was born Alma Gebhardt, she married Harold Johnson. This was a few years ago, when married women half disappeared and in upper-class circles entirely disappeared into “Mrs. Harold Johnson” and analogous names. But Harold Johnson died one day, and because he hadn’t been an entirely satisfactory husband to his wife Alma Johnson, after a year Alma took her half of her … [Read more...]

“Bill’s Shadow” / Memorable Fancies #1559

[“Are our shadows the same sex that we are?” – C.G. Jung] Bill seemed upset about something. He confided to me that he was concerned about his shadow. It was changing. It seemed almost to be female now, a little more each day. Already it was telling Bill to dress better, get a raise, pay more attention to his faithful and long-suffering shadow, less attention to the shadow of that bitch next door. [Book ad: The year’s hottest new TV series is a reenactment of a famous murder trial ... but … [Read more...]