“Tremors of Desire” / Memorable Fancies #1328

[of a Dr. Forman “...with his companion and bed-fellow, Henry Gird.” William Carew Hazlitt (1905)] In that innocent time and up through perhaps the 1950s, it was common for men to share a bed when times were tough, or in a poor rooming house or a logging camp, or if they could afford only one small bed. This was done without embarrassment, without feeling the need to tell the other “I’m not...” But even then, perhaps there was an unacknowledged hint, a tremor of desire, a sleeping … [Read more...]

“Understand?” / Memorable Fancies #701

      I was infatuated with a man I knew slightly. I began to dress like Rob (that was his name), talk like him, develop the same interests. People noticed; some were amused. All this time, Rob didn’t know what I was up to, but eventually someone told him, and then that person told me what he’d done.       I waited in embarrassed dread for Rob to accuse me, belittle me as some petty impostor. After several days, he did call. But he wasn’t angry or even amused, just regretful. “Look,” he said, … [Read more...]

“Farragut West” / Memorable Fancies #509

     A pudgy bearded man with dirty arms and pants sits down beside me late one night, waiting for a train.      “History is bunk!” he says, straight ahead. He sits and fidgets – “I’ll miss my goddamn bus!” – teeters up and walks away with small and tottered steps.      I sit alone late at night, waiting for a train. “Some history might be true,” I whisper, straight ahead. <END>      If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a comment here or in StumbleUpon, … [Read more...]

“Elevator Pitch” / A Memorable Fancy #130

Two strangers on an elevator. Both look straight ahead. 5 – 6 – 7 – 8. One nods. 9 – 10 – 11. The other nods. 12 – 13. Clear throat. 14 – 15. Clear throat. Silence. Silence. Both look straight ahead. Door opens. Door closes. 14 – 13 – 12 - 11. There are no strangers on the elevator.   … [Read more...]