“The Shadow-Merchant” / Memorable Fancies #1457

[“When the coffin is about to be lowered into the grave, most of the spectators recoil a little lest their shadows fall in.” – Frazer, The Golden Bough] My profession is to stand near the graves as coffins are being lowered, and let a bit of my shadow be interred with the worthy dead (and I’m sure they’re worthy, as my fees are high). In this way, a slight loss of my self has comforted those now underground, while above ground I prosper. In my own will, I have asked that twelve other … [Read more...]

“Mortem” / Memorable Fancies #552

[“Imagine being a corpse.” – Zadie Smith]      There are many kinds of corpse. I expect to be one of the better sort, a sweet-smeller like some of those saints. And with eyes open, staring up at those who remain, those looming guests at my funeral. In rigor, my pointing finger will accuse them as they slink away.      Afterwards, I will have very small guests. <END>      If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a comment here or in StumbleUpon, Reddit, … [Read more...]

“The Mourner’s Wisdom” / A Memorable Fancy #335

     One group of mourners enters the funeral chapel as a different group comes out. One man, however, turns around upon leaving and joins those entering, attends the next funeral as well. He does this all day, every day, for months, years.      At long last the habitual mourner arouses interest, is questioned, reported on. Millions read about him, believe that he must have gained a deep and special wisdom from his time observing human grief. Finally he agrees to a press conference, is asked … [Read more...]