“The Wilding” / Memorable Fancies #1367

They were yelling, hooting, tumbling out of their truck in front of me as I slipped into the dark woods, went deeper pushing through branches, stumbling on roots. Through the trees I heard them calling to each other behind my back, “there!” “no, he’s over here!” Why me? Because I was on a lonely road at night and they were eager to attack – anyone? Their truck was still on the road, headlights on but aimed the wrong way to find me; but sooner or later they might, just by random chance. And … [Read more...]

“Planning the Nightmare” / Memorable Fancies #1362

[“...planning the nightmare...” – Roberto Bolaño] Jeanne planned her nightmares, thought through each coming night’s vision in detail, enough to occupy all her sleep-time, enough to fill the budget of fear so that worse, unplanned, things could not happen to her in her mind’s darkness. <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: Try Try Again – A novel of deadly U.S. political intrigue from Ashton Publishing Group (Australia). … [Read more...]