“The Mysterious IT” / Memorable Fancies #1679

I feel another presence in me. IT is moving my limbs; if not against someone else, then against myself. I am never ahead in this contest. IT is realizing its strength. IT is winning. IT is beginning to think it can do without me, its host. But how can I know all this, if I am not IT myself?   [Freud: "das Es", the "id", the "it" - in German it's neither masculine or feminine, but neuter - don't think too much about that]   [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“The Ruins” / A Memorable Fancy #345

     We dug in the ruins of that place, level by level, civilization by civilization, always deeper into the past. We found each culture’s walls and hovels, weapons, wagon ruts gouged into the stone streets. And below that, another of the same, and the same after that. We have not yet found the bottom level, a place overlying undisturbed earth. Even if we were to find that first civilization someday, we would never know it was the first until we had ripped it out of the ground, out of its sleep … [Read more...]