“The Circle of Eyes” / Memorable Fancies #1452

[“Venice is ... a labyrinth of secrets where you have the impression that everyone is following someone.” – Jean Baudrillard] Everyone is following someone. Everyone who is following is also being followed, and everyone who is being followed is also following. If one were to turn back, look at his follower, all would turn back, spying those who spy them, an endless circle of eyes. Then each would turn forward again, continue their furtive stealth. <END> Buy it at … [Read more...]

“Understand?” / Memorable Fancies #701

      I was infatuated with a man I knew slightly. I began to dress like Rob (that was his name), talk like him, develop the same interests. People noticed; some were amused. All this time, Rob didn’t know what I was up to, but eventually someone told him, and then that person told me what he’d done.       I waited in embarrassed dread for Rob to accuse me, belittle me as some petty impostor. After several days, he did call. But he wasn’t angry or even amused, just regretful. “Look,” he said, … [Read more...]