“Strange Events At the Airport” / Memorable Fancies #5

Strange things happen from time to time at Gate 32. People fly in from past decades, appear, and then sometimes vanish. As a last resort, airport authorities close off Gate 32, wall it in. Voices are heard from inside, becoming ever more desperate. It is possible that a few real flights have landed, their pilots misdirected to Gate 32 by careless controllers or ground crews. Their passengers mingle with those from the past, amaze them with stories of how the world has turned out, how much they … [Read more...]

“Friendly Skies – II” / Memorable Fancies #777

       The Infrequently Friendly Skies have announced a new policy to enhance frequent-flier delight: computer-matching of passengers to seats.        Those with intersecting interests are seated together: manufacturers with retailers, for example; politicians with lobbyists; payday lenders with desperate debtors; salesman with passengers who have brought hearing aids that they can make a show of turning off. Philosophers were originally seated together, but this policy was discontinued after … [Read more...]