A Breath-Taking Thriller! / Memorable Fancies #1728

A sci-fi film: The world’s oxygen is slowly moving north and south, away from the equator. At first, a strange epidemic of breathlessness was noticed in Ecuador and Kenya and other tropical countries. Suspicions were aired. The Chinese, Russians, and Americans were variously accused of hoarding air, or saving the planet from overpopulation by suffocating people in poor, nondeveloping countries. Millions fled north and south from the equatorial zones, if they could; but oceans kept many of … [Read more...]

“Zombie-World” / Memorable Fancies #1630

In a world of zombies, some, being bitten, turn into – people. Zombies flee from them, hide, form small desperate groups featured in TV series, movies. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished]   … [Read more...]

“Starring You” / Memorable Fancies #550

     “Send us photos of you – the more the better, different poses, face and body – still or movie – and through the wonders of computer graphics you’ll get, every month, a different movie of YOU with your face – your body – being the actor in the famous action film, being the star of the famous TV series and … well, the sky isn’t even the limit and you can be one of our Mars-explorers in their documentaries, too!”      The ad began appearing in 2019. The service proved very popular, and … [Read more...]

“The Real” / A Memorable Fancy #201

The film opened to much fanfare. It was a great popular success, the hero and heroine battling through poverty, disease, betrayal, to reach their apotheosis in a massive, exhausting bout of love of body and spirit. The audience went away enchanted. Gradually their lives of poverty, disease, and betrayal seemed to them not quite real, certainly not as real as the film. There was only left, death. That was still real. [– after Slavoj Zizek] … [Read more...]