“The Cat Restaurant”, A Story for Cats and Children / Memorable Fancies #1493

[A scene from The Seventh Effect (Melange Publishers) – available on Amazon] As I promised her, after dinner I told Catspaw her favorite story, “Cat Restaurant.” Sometimes she went to sleep when I started telling the story; that showed how much she really liked it. But this time she looked wide awake. “Once upon a time,” I began, “all the cats in the neighborhood got tired of complaining to each other about the lousy food the people were feeding them, and decided to do something about … [Read more...]

“The Conteur – I” / Memorable Fancies #1474

It was an ancient time, with wandering minstrels, conteurs and their astonishing tales. Into this serene and picturesque civilization, marred only by constant bloody wars of religion and ambition, came a story, a tale. Where it came from, and where it began, were lost in the graveyards of time. Some people said the tale always was, or had come from the darkest parts of our minds, or was told to God by a hanged man strangling on a rope. The tale was whispered from realm to realm. At first, it … [Read more...]

“Celeste’s Necklace” / Memorable Fancies #1419

Celeste found her necklace; it was under a chair. “How did it ever get there?” she asked herself, picking it up off the floor and thinking that if the maid had taken it, it would be far from home by now. “That’s the third time I’ve lost track of the damn thing, and then found it somewhere right here at home.” The necklace wiggled slightly, as if trying to get away from her. Celeste didn’t notice. <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: The Trees of Malice, 16 stories of horror and … [Read more...]

“This Time, The Hammer” / Memorable Fancies #1356

In the house, the Andersons’ mirrors are showing strange images. Herbert’s wife doesn’t see anything wrong. Herbert tries to warn the authorities that his wife must be part of an insidious plot. No more politeness; this time, the hammer. [A story line from my collection The Trees of Malice: 16 tales of horror and the weird too creepy to share. Buy it on Amazon.] … [Read more...]

Why are you a writer? / Memorable Fancies #1309

.. To become rich and famous, will settle for rich-only if you have to. .. To have adoring fans and pick up English majors in bars. .. To propagate your opinions (but no one else cares). .. To express your innermost feelings (ditto). .. To find out what happens in the story. .. To develop, exercise, and improve a difficult skill. .. To be admired by other writers (there are less-hazardous ways to do this). .. To become a cult idol frequently interviewed on TV and featured … [Read more...]

Author appearance May 2 – come by and say hello!

On Saturday, May 2, 2015, I’ll be one of the featured authors in “Evening with the Authors” at this year’s Great Falls Book Festival. I’ll be reading from and selling my new novel of deadly political intrigue, Try Try Again. ** Come by any time between 7 and 9 p.m. and say hello! [Great Falls Library, 9830 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls, Virginia] <END> ** Also available on Amazon.     … [Read more...]

“Mind-Changers – VI: The Body-Sitters” / Memorable Fancies #1057

[The future: Transplanting minds from one living person to another is now possible. ] Can one person own more than one body? Yes, but each body must be inhabited by a different mind, in order to remain alive. That’s how the Body-Sitter profession came about: minds who are paid to keep a vacant body alive and watch out for its welfare, feeding and exercising it, until its owner-mind decides to inhabit it again. Body-Sitter is a responsible profession, because if carelessly performed (such … [Read more...]