“The Fantasy” / Memorable Fancies #1804

[“This is true of almost all fantasy literature: only evil people maintain systems of administration.” – David Graeber] But perhaps it’s not just a fantasy... … [Read more...]

“Whatever Happens” / Memorable Fancies #1678

As your surgery has now taken quite a bit of time – much longer than planned – we just wanted to give you fair warning about that phantasy we’ve been playing in your mind to distract you from what we’re doing to your body. The problem is the story line – we’re nearing its end. In just a few minutes you’ll be conscious of where you really are – in an operating room, cold air, bright lights, parts of your belly dislodged, edges of your skin spread apart and clamped down. That “Earth” … [Read more...]

“The Imaginary Friend” / Memorable Fancies #1360

[“I was an imaginary friend” – New Scientist] Hi! My name is Ralph. I’m Johnny’s imaginary friend. He calls me “Ralphie,” but I don’t like that, since I’m smarter than Johnny and he should treat me with more respect. Mommy is OK with my being around. I was worried for a while that she’d call me “make-believe,” and make Johnny go get a real friend. But she didn’t. Sometimes as a prank I pretend I’m Johnny and go find Mommy to see if she can tell the difference between us, or if I can fool … [Read more...]