“The No-Waiting Room” / Memorable Fancies #1706

There is a room where no one waits. Arrivals are cleverly queued so that the dissectionist enters from his cold tables just as you pass through the no-waiting-room door. He is ready for you. This  time, there’s no need to sit down, search for that magazine with a torn cover, grimace at others waiting in the room or ignore them,... [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“A Common Fate” / Memorable Fancies #1292

Yes, it’s a strange country. Their oddest custom, I think, is that although they have capital punishment, only one person is put to death each year. Great ceremony surrounds this event: speeches, parades, #’s, @’s, balloons, t-shirts. When I told them that in America a dozen people or more are sometimes executed in a single year, they asked how we could take such a ceremony seriously if it happens to often? Doesn’t it trivialize the event and diminish those who are put to death, to have so … [Read more...]