“The Big Event” / Memorable Fancies #1110

  How is it decreed that there has been an event? When does one event start and another stop? Are there overlaps? Are there events within events? Are there bottom-most events down among the leptons? And who has the wisdom or authority to decide all this?      In the event, I decided that “event” was just a word with no particular meaning. There were no events at all; especially the ones I didn’t like. <END> Buy it on Amazon: The Seventh Effect. In this novel, a NSA-like … [Read more...]

“The Event” / Memorable Fancies #755

         The event – yes, it was reported on the evening news, said to be important, decisive. But what was the “event”? Wasn’t it several events that bore some relation to each other? Or perhaps it was part of some larger event we can’t yet see? How many layers of “events” can there be, like dolls within dolls? Or perhaps events overlap, so there never is a smallest discrete event. – This whole “event” concept – is it perhaps just an invention of the media, or the administration?        So I … [Read more...]