“A Pleasant Afternoon” / Memorable Fancies #440

[from the Diaries of Franz Kafka, page 301: “2 August [1914]. Germany has declared war on Russia – swimming in the afternoon.”]      Thousands dead in tsunami – had a very good tuna sandwich for lunch, plenty of mayonnaise.      President severely wounded in brazen attack – had another tuna sandwich, went swimming. Pool to myself.     Talks abandoned, missiles on their way here, Newsradio says. Switched to chicken salad, found tuna suddenly boring. Pool to myself again.<END>If you liked … [Read more...]

“Year Zero” / A Memorable Fancy #147

From unremembered ages ago, we have counted our years in decreasing numbers. No one knows what the first year-number was, or why that number was chosen. Legend has it that long ago, sometime in the Hyeh-Hyah dynasty, an emperor’s blind son devised our calendar. No one believes this legend, but somehow the work was done: that year was given a number. We have been counting our years downwards ever since. I am writing this on December 31 of the year one. Tomorrow, it will be year zero. There has … [Read more...]