“The Forever Day” / Memorable Fancies #1781

[“It seems, at certain moments, as though the universe has stopped moving.” – Lydia Davis] Something has jammed the machinery of the world. We are stuck at March 7th. This day, this same day, keeps repeating. Though most of us will probably find this distressing, it could have been worse: the weather on this final March 7th is, in most places, rather pleasant. But why this particular day? Would something have – happened – on March 8th? Something we’ve been spared? What would the headlines … [Read more...]

“Whatever Happens” / Memorable Fancies #1678

As your surgery has now taken quite a bit of time – much longer than planned – we just wanted to give you fair warning about that phantasy we’ve been playing in your mind to distract you from what we’re doing to your body. The problem is the story line – we’re nearing its end. In just a few minutes you’ll be conscious of where you really are – in an operating room, cold air, bright lights, parts of your belly dislodged, edges of your skin spread apart and clamped down. That “Earth” … [Read more...]

“That Final Secret” / Memorable Fancies #1675

I’ve got to tell you the secret now – because they’re on to me, and the world must know! By tomorrow – maybe even today – they’ll have captured me and uploaded me to an undisclosed location in the Cloud, or just deleted me outright. Even by telling you this, I’ve put your existence in danger, but you must be told that the world we know - ended in 1961. Bay of Pigs leading to nuclear war with the Soviet Union? No – you probably don’t remember learning about that. But that’s when our world … [Read more...]

“Year Zero” / A Memorable Fancy #147

From unremembered ages ago, we have counted our years in decreasing numbers. No one knows what the first year-number was, or why that number was chosen. Legend has it that long ago, sometime in the Hyeh-Hyah dynasty, an emperor’s blind son devised our calendar. No one believes this legend, but somehow the work was done: that year was given a number. We have been counting our years downwards ever since. I am writing this on December 31 of the year one. Tomorrow, it will be year zero. There has … [Read more...]

“Nuclear Waste from the Future” / A Memorable Fancy #104

The year 2046: Desperate to dispose of many kilotons of nuclear waste, the world government surveys America and other countries, but finds nowhere the waste could be dumped without substantial danger, and political turmoil as well. It was proposed to shoot the waste into outer space, but the accumulated weight and mass ruled out such a plan. As a last resort, the government decides to send the waste into the past. Some scientists say that this would cause an environmental catastrophe that … [Read more...]