“Dog Dreams” / Memorable Fancies #1676

What do dogs dream of? Yes, they do have dreams; you can tell by their sometime twitches and moans while they’re sleeping, their sometimes strange response to us in their first moments after waking. By their long association with people, perhaps at times they dream they are – people, themselves. And are you, readers, perhaps dogs asleep even now, dreaming that... [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“Dreaming of a Crime” / Memorable Fancies #219

[Neuroscientists find a way to record dreams as the dreamer experienced them.] Dreams of those accused of crimes are monitored to discover if a confession could be inferred. (“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this man’s dreams included memories of events only the perpetrator could know.”) Juries were seldom persuaded, since police and prosecutors would also know these things. Since dreaming of a specific crime did not succeed in convicting people of that crime, dreaming of any crime was … [Read more...]

“Soothe-Sleep” / Memorable Fancies #216

[Neuroscientists find a way to record dreams as the dreamer experienced them.] “Bad dreams? Soothe-Sleep Inc. can end them once and for all. Think of the pleasure of knowing you won’t wake up shivering in terror, or keeping your bedmate awake with groans and thrashing. “Soothe-Sleep is a simple device you wear on your head. It detects abnormally strong negative brain waves and generates positive waves until your brain returns to normal. “What is the price of this wonderful new … [Read more...]

“Metadreaming” / Memorable Fancies #1169

[“Someone says ‘I believe I am now dreaming’” – Wittgenstein] I dreamed I was dreaming, and then I woke – or was I still dreaming even then? And even now, while I’m telling you this,... [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

WTF Your Dreams Mean

The old book What Your Dreams Mean * is a weird delight. My favorite entry is on Intestines. "To see your own intestines, denotes that grave situations are closing around you." ... "If you think you lay them [i.e., your intestines] upon something which turns out to be a radiator, and they begin to grow hot and make you very uncomfortable, and you ask others to assist you, and they refuse,..." – well, nothing good can come of seeing your guts heating up on a radiator, for sure! And two more … [Read more...]

“The Law of Dreams” / Memorable Fancies #1354

The Dutiful Republic is ruled by a severe dictatorship. Although the people are fed, clothed, and housed, they are required to obey the many rules, some of them secret, that the government has established for them. Lacking freedom to do anything in the material world, they dream. But there are rules for dreaming, too. <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: The Seventh Effect. In this novel from Mélange Books LLC, a NSA-like organization knows – perhaps too much about … [Read more...]

“The Dream-Prizes” / Memorable Fancies #746

    There were weekly competitions for the most interesting dreams, or the most daring. Prizes were awarded. Several weeks in a row, Sylvia Norton won. There were jealous rumors that Sylvia was making these dreams up, hadn’t really had them, that her dreams were all fiction and sounded suspiciously like the latest popular novels.        Officials were appointed to look into the matter. They dreamed that she’d made them up, and disqualified her. <END> THE THURSDAY PITCH If you … [Read more...]