“The Confession” / Memorable Fancies #1450

[“He would say, for example: At times I feel that another person and I are the same and at times I don’t.” – Wittgenstein] Jorgensen imagined me one day, pretended that there was a vicious man, a second self, who compelled him to do all those – violent things. So when Jorgensen went on trial he called me as a witness, implored me to confess that I had forced him to violence. And to his surprise I did appear and I did confess, but my revenge on Jorgensen for inventing me was this: I confessed … [Read more...]

“The Double” / Memorable Fancies #741

[It isn’t the other who is my double, but I who am the other’s double.” – Clément Rosset] You keep your double safely hidden in a sturdy closet behind a strong lock. Sometimes you unlock the door and look at him, lecture him on how he has failed you, ask if he has now repented. Today, as always, he struggles to be free. Which one is you? <END> THE FRIDAY PITCH If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a comment here, in Facebook, or on other social … [Read more...]

“The Double” / Memorable Fancies #610

     Old legends tell us that we each have a double – someone who looks like us, acts like us. If you meet your double, your Doppelgänger, the legends say, you will die.      I met my double last week, but I didn’t die. He did. The legends hadn’t been very clear about that. <END>      If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a comment here or in StumbleUpon, Reddit, Facebook, or other social websites.      Subscriptions to this blog are available at … [Read more...]

“The Fame of M. Everett Donning” / Memorable Fancies #472

      M. Everett Donning is famous on three continents, but he doesn’t know why. He’s been successful in business, but who would care about that? “Are you the M. Everett Donning?” many people approach him at social events and ask.      “Perhaps,” he says, “That’s my name, so I suppose so.”      Then they say, “I’m honored to meet you, sir.”      Great achievements are mentioned, always vaguely. “I don’t remember quite where I heard of you, but I’m highly flattered to be speaking with … [Read more...]

“The Parallel Life” / A Memorable Fancy / #298

[“Had I another life! Another lifetime! … Or, what is better, a parallel life. Simultaneous with this.”  – Joyce Carol Oates] It’s like having an identical twin, y’know, or a clone; my parallel life, I mean. But that’s not quite it: it’s my parallel self, alright, but it’s not really me. Pete-2’s done quite a few things I haven’t and vice versa, after the big split – that happened the day he took that transfer to Atlanta and I turned it down. I hadn’t married yet back then, and it was … [Read more...]