“The Confession” / Memorable Fancies #1450

[“He would say, for example: At times I feel that another person and I are the same and at times I don’t.” – Wittgenstein] Jorgensen imagined me one day, pretended that there was a vicious man, a second self, who compelled him to do all those – violent things. So when Jorgensen went on trial he called me as a witness, implored me to confess that I had forced him to violence. And to his surprise I did appear and I did confess, but my revenge on Jorgensen for inventing me was this: I confessed … [Read more...]

“The Committee” / Memorable Fancies #1100

[“Underneath the self that acts are little selves that contemplate” – Gilles Deleuze] I feel like a committee. Some of me don’t show up on time, have lame excuses. Others complain of the meeting room’s closeness, the odors of past lunches, noise through the walls from other committees meeting at the same time. We vote on who we will be today, what we should do. Always there is disagreement, stalemate; voices dispute everything another me says. <END> … [Read more...]

“Becoming Alien” / A Memorable Fancy #162

As I enter old age, more and more of my past seems to have been lived by a stranger – an alien. Alien to my now-self, at least. Some green-veined being that has used me for its skin? Or just another hube, indistinguishable from me? Same appearance, perhaps; same name, height, weight, marital status, BMI, SSN, DOB, resume of schools and jobs. But that was not me. That was a something. The something and I share most of the same memories, a few friends. Even the same likes and dislikes (cornbread … [Read more...]