“The Language of Statues – I” / Memorable Fancies #046

There are many statues of me, a new one every few days. I don’t know how they came to be there, but suddenly – there they are, and I am once again delighted, and my courtiers are amused. Some of the statues are life-size, some smaller, some larger. I like the larger ones best. I see at least one statue of me whenever I’m being driven through the capital, or taken for a stroll in the presidential gardens, or visiting our far-flung troops to encourage their valiant fight. I am slowly … [Read more...]

“The Language of Statues – III” / A Memorable Fancy #076

Yesterday I saw a statue of me that I found deeply disturbing. It stood on a corner in the financial district, where my statues have always been erected. But this one – a rather typical statue I will admit: life-size, military attire, gazing heroically into the distance. But – from a certain angle when the light was just so, – its eyes followed me. My guards and I crossed the street. I looked again. The statue still stared at me. I left hurriedly. A few days later, I returned. There was the … [Read more...]