“The Great Dictator” / Memorable Fancies #1546

      “That’s a portrait of the great dictator,” he said, “the one who disappeared so long ago, just before the mobs would have strung him up.” “Yes, it was a bad time,” she said, “we studied that in school: the crops had failed, and that disastrous war —” “And then the legend – that he’d return when the people really needed him.” “Yes, and that could be in our own time,” she said, “with the markets in disarray, the squabbling politicians, the poor marching in the streets — yes, he’d be … [Read more...]

“Laughter” / Memorable Fancies #775

[“...a convulsive laughter without joy, full of dread.” – Hugues Le Roux]     The Leader is about to tell a joke. We know from his slight smile, from the way he holds his lips and cocks his eyebrows, that he is about to tell a joke. That joke. He has only one. Since we all laugh heartily every time he tells it, it’s the only joke he needs.        Sometimes I think he knows what he’s doing to us, how he toys with us, how the joke’s on us. But we are still alive, still laughing, roaring with … [Read more...]