“Joy” / Memorable Fancies #1158

[“One of the main functions of a diary is to be read furtively by other people.” – Susan Sontag]      I merely hint at certain – actions, by saying “this time, again, with him...” or “afternoon, late coming home because...” knowing this will drive you, as you find and secretly read my diary, intensely mad, to your extreme and painful joy. <END> Buy it on Amazon: Everything Wants to Happen, the first thousand Memorable Fancies from this blog, revised and updated. … [Read more...]

“The Diary” / Memorable Fancies #693

      An alarming discovery: Someone has been writing in my diary – writing about what I did with – someone else. Things I would never put in my diary! Things I have carefully withheld from it, not told it even in whispers while I am recording one uneventful event after another. Whoever has done this writing is trying to disguise his handwriting, making it look like mine.       But in this he has failed. I know my own handwriting: it’s smooth, even; not like the intruder’s jagged and shaky … [Read more...]

“Diary” / Memorable Fancies #543

     In a used-book store, Alison found an old one-page-a-day diary. Aside from the name “Thomas” on the inside cover, the entire book was blank. Each page, however, judging from scuffs and stains, had been thumbed, examined, perhaps almost written on. Who had pored over each page, thought what to write, but turned to the next instead, saying “Maybe tomorrow…”? Who was this in whose life nothing had happened for an entire year? A blessed one indeed, Alison thought. How I envy … [Read more...]

“Tomorrow’s Diary” / A Memorable Fancy #205

You can buy an app that foretells the future – your future – what you would write in your diary the next day, if you kept one. Many have called it a fraud or a hoax: like a fortune cookie, its predictions are vague. Like a Greek oracle, they can be misunderstood, or are perhaps intended to be misunderstood. Nonetheless, millions of people have bought the app and look ahead every day. Sometimes the screen is blank; always it is cryptic. I click the icon with dread, afraid of what I might … [Read more...]