“Imaginary Love” / Memorable Fancies #1627

[“‘You’ are eternally belated to the conversation with you that I am imagining.” – Lauren Berland] And finally when you show up there’s nothing left for me to tell you. I’ve already had my say, that final devastating confrontation that left imaginary-you without any possible response to imaginary-me. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“Order, order!” / Memorable Fancies #0962

[“Delusions can be regarded as ‘theories’ that the subject constructs to impose order and meaning on anomalous experiences.” – Tim Bayne] Let’s just give up trying to impose order and meaning on our world, shall we? It’s just a delusion, anyway. … [Read more...]

“Illusions of Time” / Memorable Fancies #1393

[“...fragments of her past, with details lost or put back in the wrong order.” – Nabokov] But there is no correct order, because there is no sequence to place events in, time of course being a delusion she has suffered from for many years. <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: Fragments of the Future, 18 dark and unexpected sci-fi stories originally from StoneThread Publishing, now in a new second edition. … [Read more...]

“Planning the Nightmare” / Memorable Fancies #1362

[“...planning the nightmare...” – Roberto Bolaño] Jeanne planned her nightmares, thought through each coming night’s vision in detail, enough to occupy all her sleep-time, enough to fill the budget of fear so that worse, unplanned, things could not happen to her in her mind’s darkness. <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: Try Try Again – A novel of deadly U.S. political intrigue from Ashton Publishing Group (Australia). … [Read more...]

“I’m Missing a Dimension” / Memorable Fancies #1242

           I’m missing a dimension; I’m two dimensional, not three. There are some advantages, like being able to slip around the edges of doors or hide between two pages of a book.    My friends know I’m missing a dimension. Sometimes they tell me so, just before they leave me. I think they’re jealous. <END> [The author, reading from "The Trees of Malice" at One More Page books] … [Read more...]

“Thursday” / A Memorable Fancy #158

There is an alien inside me. It’s been there many years but has not, as yet, harmed me. I feel it moving after I’ve eaten. In bed, I look down and see my belly rising and falling regularly – my alien is asleep. There is some involuntary out-gassing – my alien must not have enjoyed my dinner. I found a few foods it can tolerate without upset, and I eat only those. Even though I detest these foods, my alien seems to like them. I have begun seeing a psychiatrist. She tells me that my alien is in … [Read more...]