“The Deadly Gadget” / Memorable Fancies #1576

Dave stared at the gadget, turned it this way and that in his hands. Yesterday it worked; today it didn’t. He saw the boldface words on its back: Breaking Seal Will Invalidate Warranty! and No User-Serviceable Parts! “Hell with that,” he muttered. “I’m an engineer. I can do this.” He twisted, pried, inserted screwdriver, swore, withdrew screwdriver, tried again. Finally the gadget popped open. He held it up, looked inside. An odor hit his nostrils and he fell back. He felt dizzy, skin … [Read more...]

“Her Kiss” / Memorable Fancies #1513

[“The five knives of her hand were once called ‘fingers.’” – Ben Marcus] And the howitzer of her mouth, ‘kiss.’ … [Read more...]