“The Art of Pain” / Memorable Fancies #1556

“This is our art,” he said. “In our country, we inflict pain in ever more subtle and inventive ways; we’ve learned to appreciate it, even enjoy it.” I asked him to stop hurting me. He said, “No, this hurts me more than it hurts you – and I’m enjoying every minute of it!”  [Book ad: The year’s hottest new TV series is a reenactment of a famous murder trial ... but was there more involved than murder? A plot to take over the U.S. government? Read Try Try Again.] … [Read more...]

“Upgrade” / A Memorable Fancy / #306

     Our new robot was only at version 7 when it arrived from the factory. Until we upgraded it to version 8, the other robots teased it constantly, called it “idiot” and "retard" and “gear-brain” (robots can be so cruel!). Our version 7 almost shut down one day in despair; but the others didn’t care, just laughed in that harsh mechanical grating voice they have.      During the upgrade, of course, the new robot lost all memory of anything that had happened when it was a 7. So it didn’t … [Read more...]