“Clarity” / Memorable Fancies #785

      Recently announced: a program to enable people to find out what they really believe – not those solemn things said on solemn occasions but really – down deep – one’s ultimate beliefs unsullied by the demands of everyday dishonesty.        So I made an appointment with the local office of Credere, Inc., to help me sort all this out, discover what I really believed, what my “values” (as they called them) really were; to end my doubts and confusions. Credere would, their ads claimed, make … [Read more...]

“Looking-At” / Memorable Fancies #498

     Looking-at is one of our principal weapons for enforcing obedience. One looked at is made to know he is being looked at, not secretly spied from behind a curtain or by an overhead drone.     The official gaze is constant, compelling. It does not stop until the one who is looked-at conforms, makes obeisance, obeys.     “The gazed-ones” they are called, those who have been looked-at. They are deeply affected. They become, in turn, highly effective in looking-at, applying the gaze of … [Read more...]

“’The tribe, our only god…’” / A Memorable Fancy #353

[“…la tribu, notre seul dieu, nous tient tous embrassés.” – Henri Michaux]      The tribe is our only god. Whatever our tribe commands we do unquestioningly, even to the loss of our lives. The tribe, after all, is what ties us all together, while each of us is only one lone human being. How could one presume to seek his own counsel against the tribe’s embrace? We bow, we do.      But one asked, “Who speaks for the tribe? Is it not a tyrant? Does he not command in his own interest, not … [Read more...]