“The Soothers” / A Memorable Fancy #367

     After the disaster, emergency soothers are uncrated and rolled out, sent with their pocket platitudes to console the bereaved with words everyone knows are false, such as “It’s all right” (it isn’t all right), or “It’s all for the best” (it isn’t all for the best; much of it is for the worst), or “It’s God’s will” (perhaps, but that doesn’t make it right.)      The soothers continue to wear down the bereaved until they’ve Just Had Enough! and tell them I Feel Much Better Now, and I’ll Be … [Read more...]

“Priorities” / A Memorable Fancy #272

There are many calls to 9-1-1. Reporters rush to the scene: there has been a catastrophe. People are injured, property destroyed. Pleas for government assistance are many. “We’re sorry, but there is no budget for minor catastrophes,” officials say. “And we know which catastrophes are minor; they’re the ones we have no budget for.” [– after Thomas Bernhard]     … [Read more...]

“The Sun Fades” / A Memorable Fancy #061

The air is becoming colder. The sun’s light is dimmer, has been fading for several weeks now. Those who dare look at our star see a small dark patch on its disk. The patch seems to be spreading, a little more each day. Or perhaps it isn’t a patch at all, but an object coming toward us from that direction, drawing nearer, obscuring the sun and eating its light. Or something else. We wait. … [Read more...]