“Beware Your Dreams” / Memorable Fancies #1571

The book “What Your Dreams Mean” lists hundreds of possible dreams. Every one, however, seems an omen of disaster. Quickly you flip through the book looking to see if your own dreams are listed, and what bad things could therefore happen to you. This particular book is often gifted to friends recently promoted, on days of congratulation and envy. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“Bonds” / Memorable Fancies #433

     We had business to discuss, you and I, something about investment-grade bonds: their maturities, their interest and risk.      But all the time we talked I watched your eyes, your lips – their slow and measured movement when you speak. We’re showing our age, you and I, not surprising after all  these  years,  but age – age graces you.      It’s difficult for me to talk about investment-grade bonds right now, because your eyes are moving to your sweet supple speech as they have since … [Read more...]

“The Game” / A Memorable Fancy #415

     The rules of the game are lengthy, detailed, and often obscure or nonsensical, but the players are instructed to follow them to the letter. There is a catch, however: a certain amount of cheating is not only tolerated, but accepted; not only accepted, but required. No one knows how much cheating is needed to win, and how much additional cheating condemns one to not being liked, not being promoted.      This game is often simply called “business.” <END> If you liked this post, … [Read more...]