“The Sprouting” / Memorable Fancies #566

[“That corpse you planted last year in your garden, / Has it begun to sprout?” – Eliot, The Waste Land] That was Philip. Yes, as soon as the last frost was gone I caught the ground heaving one day, just a little, and a tiny finger poking out, the nail still soft and pliable. A week later a few more parts of Philip sprouted, and the fingers had grown almost to full size. I probed the ground gently with a thin pole, and yes, Philip was growing healthily, the flesh firming up, the gaping … [Read more...]

“The Shadow-Merchant” / Memorable Fancies #1457

[“When the coffin is about to be lowered into the grave, most of the spectators recoil a little lest their shadows fall in.” – Frazer, The Golden Bough] My profession is to stand near the graves as coffins are being lowered, and let a bit of my shadow be interred with the worthy dead (and I’m sure they’re worthy, as my fees are high). In this way, a slight loss of my self has comforted those now underground, while above ground I prosper. In my own will, I have asked that twelve other … [Read more...]

“We call a stone” / Memorable Fancies #1334

[“We call a stone by his name” – Louise Glück] There’s a stone and that’s who he is, now. That’s all that’s left of him. We call the stone by the name he used to bear, the name now incised in it. Every winter a few chips flake away. We say he is growing older. <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: Try Try Again – A novel of deadly U.S. political intrigue from Ashton Publishing Group (Australia). … [Read more...]

“Burial” / Memorable Fancies #1329

The funeral was strangely like the wedding had been, many years before. Even to the flowers and the weeping friends, the photographers, the expected sentiments ... and the death of something that had once been alive. [inspired by Rohan's blog] <END> Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: The Trees of Malice, 16 stories of horror and the weird too creepy to share. From Abuzz Press. … [Read more...]

“Last Wish” / Memorable Fancies #580

“This is the cemetery of people put to death.” – Albert Camus      The murderer, sentenced to death, asks to be buried among other notorious killers, if possible next to the man who has killed the most people. This is premium space; it is costly, exclusive, and in high demand. Our murderer confesses to more killings than he actually did. Then he makes a public plea for funds …. <END>      If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a comment here or in StumbleUpon, … [Read more...]

“The Flowers – II” / A Memorable Fancy #355

     The cemeteries in our suburb allow plastic flowers only. Nothing placed on a grave can be allowed to fade, wilt, rot. Nothing in the ground beneath these plastic flowers can rot, either, or the promise of plastic would not be fulfilled.      There are stirrings below, the artificial things that were real for us. <END> … If you enjoyed this post, pass it on to your friends. If quoting or reprinting, please credit www.terencekuch.com. Thank you - tk       … [Read more...]