A Breath-Taking Thriller! / Memorable Fancies #1728

A sci-fi film: The world’s oxygen is slowly moving north and south, away from the equator. At first, a strange epidemic of breathlessness was noticed in Ecuador and Kenya and other tropical countries. Suspicions were aired. The Chinese, Russians, and Americans were variously accused of hoarding air, or saving the planet from overpopulation by suffocating people in poor, nondeveloping countries. Millions fled north and south from the equatorial zones, if they could; but oceans kept many of … [Read more...]

“The Harrowing of Hell” / A Memorable Fancy #304

 When all the breathers of this world are dead …” [Shakespeare, Sonnet LXXXI]       Satan sat on his burning throne, face hard with flame and eyes gleaming white, last-born of the dead and everlasting Force! The forked tongue writhing from his mouth pierced the damned like awls: admonishing, rebuking, transfixing them with Responsible Comment.      Jesus stood before Satan. “Come, follow me,” said Satan, “and I will show you the damned.”      He went with Satan and beheld a pit … [Read more...]