“Out to Get Me” / Memorable Fancies #838

They were out to get me. I hid, but they got me, Laid their hands on me, Whispered their dark secrets in my ear. They all seemed marvelously content, so full of smiles – Like they had just eaten their fill of the world’s last ice cream.    –   So I joined them, and I too felt content. I’m out to get others, now, if any remain, Share with them my new dark secrets. <END> THE PITCH If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a comment here or … [Read more...]

“Clarity” / Memorable Fancies #785

      Recently announced: a program to enable people to find out what they really believe – not those solemn things said on solemn occasions but really – down deep – one’s ultimate beliefs unsullied by the demands of everyday dishonesty.        So I made an appointment with the local office of Credere, Inc., to help me sort all this out, discover what I really believed, what my “values” (as they called them) really were; to end my doubts and confusions. Credere would, their ads claimed, make … [Read more...]