“An Author’s Fate” / Memorable Fancies #1697

[“...obscure and neglected authors, most of whom have gone mad or mysteriously disappeared.” – Eugene Thacker] In his madness the author became his novel. He was marked down from the value he thought he had. Then remaindered. Then pulped. [below: an obscure author reading from his work at One More Page Books, Arlington, Virginia] … [Read more...]

“Book” / Memorable Fancies #745

[“Things don’t know their names.” – George Oppen] “Book,” said the book. “Book,” said a second book, adding “and I’m the real one.” “Book,” said the first book to the second book, “is my name. If you want to be Book as well, you will have to be ‘Book-2,’ or some less consequential number; or perhaps just ‘Pamphlet,’ if you don’t shut up.” “Library” said the second book. <END> THE TUESDAY PITCH If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a comment here, … [Read more...]

“Our Books” / A Memorable Fancy #202

“We Twelve were sitting together, recollecting what Jesus had said to each of us, secretly or openly, and organizing our recollections into books and epistles. I, for my part, was also writing my book, I must admit. “Suddenly the Lord appeared to us. He looked over the evidence of our busy activity: the scrolls, the scribes, the ink, the lists of agents and publishers, the cover designs, the marketing plans. The cock crowed a fourth time.”   … [Read more...]

“The Book” / A Memorable Fancy #106

At first: Without paying much attention as to where, Arthur put the book on a shelf in his home library, not knowing that this book considered itself to be The Book. The Book rested in its new place. Two other books had been jostled slightly so that The Book would fit. Gradually they settled back. They touched the new book that stood between them. And later: The Book became aware that other books were touching it on the shelf. It sensed that its neighbors were caught in errors of disorder. … [Read more...]