“Something in the Blood” / Memorable Fancies #1618

I’ve donated blood many times, so there must be other people with my blood in their veins. It should be possible to ID them, trace them – my blood-brothers and sisters. They have a part of me, are partly me. For instance, “Mark” and “Helen,” let’s call them, have some of my blood, but of course neither knows this. They meet, are immediately attracted to each other. “Something in our blood,” Mark or Helen might say, joking. But eventually their lives together, once so promising, end in … [Read more...]

“Those Bloody Vampires” / Memorable Fancies #1586

Vampires, who can’t see themselves in mirrors, have a problem – the nicks in their faces they make while they’re trying to shave. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“The Swimming Pool” / Memorable Fancies #501

     Joe slams the phone down. Those crooks, he thinks, I can get rid of that pool crud a lot cheaper myself. Just some chemicals – the store can tell me what kind – and I can clean the damn pool myself.      He drains the pool. The discoloration, he’s surprised to discover, wasn’t just on the surface; it’s thick – gooey – and has an odd smell. OK, he says, I guess this stuff’s too much for me and I gotta get the pool service out after all.     By now, Joe has the stuff smeared all over … [Read more...]