“Watch your wallet at the Pantheon” / Memorable Fancies #1721

[“From time to time ... one must redo one’s personal Pantheon, even if it is with a suspicious eagerness that one throws the once honorable bones out onto the streets.” – Alain Badiou] This bunch of gods has failed me for the last time. I’ll never buy one from a Greek again.   … [Read more...]

“Audience Response” / Memorable Fancies #809

[“Theatre’s functions of surveillance...” – Alain Badiou]     The audience is scanned to see who is laughing when, when a lip wrinkles, when a fleeting look of disgust or annoyance or boredom crosses a face. These observations are fed into the next evening’s production, and the next.     Eventually, perfection is reached and only a vapid pleasure survives. <END> THE SUNDAY PITCH If you liked this post, please tell your friends and share a comment here or in StumbleUpon, … [Read more...]