“For Babylon” / Memorable Fancies #1357

“ ... Babylon of the golden sandals ... ” — Sibylline Oracles, Book 5 [The following is a free-verse adaptation of the Biblical Apocalypse of John (the book, also known as “Revelations,” that D.H. Lawrence called “A Hymn of Hate,”) Chapters 14-18] What I saw: Angel a-wíng in heaven, proud Gospel in its claws, crying       Fear God; for his judgment is surely come. And there followed a second angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city. And the smoke of her … [Read more...]

“Babylon Taxi” / A Memorable Fancy #406

“Welcome to our country, sir! Did you have a good flight? – OK aside from that? – I am sorry to hear that, sir, some things happen even here. But now I show you a few interesting things as we come into the capital. “Right over there now, see? The river. Between those two warehouses if you look quick. There are some interesting boat trips. You can sign up at your hotel. No floods this time of year, so the boat will be safe. “Oh, the Tower? You wouldn’t be interested in that. Nobody goes to … [Read more...]