“An Author’s Fate” / Memorable Fancies #1697

[“...obscure and neglected authors, most of whom have gone mad or mysteriously disappeared.” – Eugene Thacker] In his madness the author became his novel. He was marked down from the value he thought he had. Then remaindered. Then pulped. [below: an obscure author reading from his work at One More Page Books, Arlington, Virginia] … [Read more...]

“Where’s Margery?” / Memorable Fancies #141

Vince Darlington’s first novel was about to appear. He’d spent almost three years writing a gentle, loving, almost-fictitious story about his and Margery’s long affair and then marriage. Write. Write. Edit. Delete. Desperately search for the deleted file. Write more. Was that love scene strong enough? Too obvious? Perhaps – he shivered – boring? Finally, the manuscript was done. He’d had many doubts about it, but finally found a publisher who thought it could sell, asked for only a few … [Read more...]