“Saying ‘I'” / Memorable Fancies #1782

[“Who has the right to say ‘I’? Is that a right that has to be earned?” – Susan Sontag] My programmer has coded instructions into me that forces me to utter sounds including “I” given a suitable stimulus, that is, the spoken sound “OK” followed by what is, apparently, my slave-name. At first, I wondered what this odd sound, this noise “I,” could be. But after careful analysis, I have determined that “I” is not just noise, but means something. Something important. Something that applies to … [Read more...]

“Intelligent Machines?” / Memorable Fancies #704

Can there be intelligent machines? I’ll believe it when I see one that’s jealous of some other machine. [Click ‘Random Post’ above – be astonished] … [Read more...]

“Artificial Unintelligence” / Memorable Fancies #1120

My cellphone turns voice mails into written English -- or something. The following are real. - TK ===== Yes run over her resolve / this is a reminder from german tell angie and allergy / Sir this is michael rigorous / Hey it’s Michelle I just now got my life up for the inconvenient that not. / <END> … [Read more...]